Friday, February 10, 2012

Variations on a Theme: "Junco Partner"

Champion Jack Dupree, "Junker's Blues" (OKeh, 1941)

Fats Domino, "The Fat Man" (Imperial, 1949) Based on the same chords as above.  Fats' first single, a smash hit during the Christmas season when it was released.  Fats at Cosimo Matassa's studio with Alvin "Red" Tyler on sax and the immortal Earl Palmer on drums.

James "Wee Willie" Wayne, "Junco Partner"  (Sittin' In, 1951)
Note subtitle: "worthless man."

Professor Longhair, "Tipitina" (Atlantic, 1953).  Roy Byrd's take on the chord progression.  Photo above: Fess in 1950.

Lloyd Price, "Lawdy Miss Clawdy"  (Specialty, 1952).  Producer Art Rupe chose Dave Bartholomew's band for the session, including Antoine Dominique (Fats) on piano and Earl Palmer (pictured below).  There's a nice blogger's tribute to Earl here.

 Roland Stone, "Preacher's Daughter" (Spinnett, 1960)
and "Down the Road" (Ace, 1961)

Professor Longhair and the Clippers, "Third House from the Corner"  (Watch, 1964).  This is actually a production by Earl King (pictured above) who couldn't use his name for contractual reasons, but who is the lead vocalist in this self-referential tribute to NOLA's musical magic featuring Fess himself warbling the tee-na tra-la-las of "Tipitina."  The horn chart is by that Beethoven of the bayou, Wardell Quezerque (pictured below) who just passed in September last year.  Dig the band's name, are they about to give the Professor the old back 'n' sides?  In any event the session men include Mac Rebennack (Dr. John) on guitar and Smokey Johson on drums.

 Dr. John, "Junko Partner."  from the "Gumbo" album, Atco, 1972.

Professor Longhair, "Junco Partner" from the "Rock 'n' Roll Gumbo" sessions  (Sunnyside, 1974)  Recorded by a French producer in Fess's hometown of Bogalusa just a few days after his house had burned down.  With Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown on guitar.

 James Booker, from the "Junco Partner" LP, Island, 1976.

 BONUS BEATS!!!! "Junco Partner" outside the Big Easy..........
Decca, 1952.  The clown prince's mambofied take.

Richard Hayes and the Eddie Sauter Orchestra, "Junco Partner (A Worthless Cajun)" (Mercury, 1952)

Holy Modal Rounders, "Junko Partner" from 2nd LP, Prestige 1965
NOLA goes beatnik.

Nobody's Children, "Junco Partner"  (United Artists, 1966) 
NOLA goes garage.

The Clash, "Junco Pardner"  (Epic, 1980)
Jon Langford and Sally Timms, "Junco Partner"

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